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The Expert Marketing Manual

How to create a movement and position yourself as an expert.


First of all, I wanna thank you for getting this guide. It shows me that you are serious about the business you are building. In this guide, I am going to share with you the strategies and a step-by-step framework to build a massively scalable expert business and a solid Customer Acquisition System, which is gonna help you predictably generate new customers and revenue at a wild scale.

So, who this blueprint is for?

Well, it is for you if you are:

  • A business coach or consultant
  • A course creator
  • A public speaker and/or keynote speaker
  • A Personality Brand
  • Selling High Ticket Products or Services

who this blueprint is NOT  for?

  • If you are a wannabe entrepreneur and don’t know what niche you should get into
  • If you are just getting started and you don’t have a proven offer
  • If you are only selling low-ticket e-commerce products (below $300)
  • If you don’t have money to invest in marketing
  • If you want to make huge money overnight
  • If you don’t believe in your product

This methodology I am going to share is about marketing, positioning, and scaling up. If you don’t know me already, my name is Sumant Patra. I run a Digital Agency. My company helps Business coaches, Course creators, Personality brands and high-ticket eCommerce stores grow & scale using Sales funnels and paid advertising.

No matter where you are on your journey, I hope this dramatically helps you. I want to thank you for giving me this chance to prove myself to you.

When you read some of the steps in this blueprint, it might sound like a lot of work to you. But don’t worry about the technical stuff at all. You can always hire people to do the technical work for you. You don’t want to sit in front of the computer all day to set up marketing campaigns and design ad creatives. Because it’s not where your time is best spent.

So the point is, if at any point if you feel like “I don’t know how to do that/how do I do that?”, I want you to switch that question into “Who can do this?”. You just need to find people who know how to do that, and you simply hire them to get the job done.

That’s the fastest way to achieve your goals. But it’s important that you understand the process and you must be very much involved in every step of it. So let’s get started.

Creating A Movement

This is something I learn from my mentor Russell Brunson, in order to build a scalable expert business, you have to build more than a business, which is a movement. He shared a story in his book “Expert Secrets” – he went to a conference by a software company. It has almost 3,000 distributors meeting to learn how to better sell the product. But as he watched for three days, they only brought people on stage, gave them an award, and had them share a little story about the product how life-changing it was. 

As Russel was from the direct response marketing field, he couldn’t get it. He got an answer from David (he who invited Russel to the event) “Russel, they are not selling software, they have created a movement.”

So to create a movement, your product must have the ability to change someone’s life entirely, solving some of the biggest problems in people’s lives. If you look at all the successful personality brands who have larger-than-life image, they created a movement, not just a product. (Please read Expert Secrets book to know 3 parts of a movement).

Craft your perfect product

Before you create your product or digital course, I want you to imagine this. What result you would promise your customers to get to if you had a magic wand? Make a note of it. Then and only then start developing your product to deliver on as many promises as possible from your note. 

You definitely want to have life-changing products with some bold promises and a market-slaughtering guarantee to dominate your market. 

Let’s pretend your dream customer is at some place and he/she wants to get somewhere. You as an expert, give them a vehicle, which means your step by step guide or course to help them achieve their goal. Let’s name that guide a “Framework”.  Once you create the framework, you should make a few various of it.

I mean, you can take the same framework and make it a cheatsheet and sell it for $9.

You can take the same framework and make it a book and sell it for $24.

You can take the same framework and make it a mini course and sell it for $49.

You can take the same framework and make it a full course and charge $1,000.

You can take the same framework and explain it in a 3 days event and charge $3,000 from each attendee.

And finally, you can teach the framework to someone one-on-one and charge $10,000.

This price will help you get customers at each stage of their journey and you will only spend your one-on-one time with qualified prospects.

Once someone enters your universe by getting one of your lower-level programs, your goal should be to upgrade them to your higher-level program, eventually your one-on-one consulting. 

That is called a value ladder.

Hook, Story and Offer

There are literally only two things that matter in online marketing.

  1. Traffic (How you drive traffic to your offer)
  2. Conversion (How you convert that traffic to sales)

And in order to succeed in online marketing, you need to spend some time perfecting your hook, story, and offer. The hook is the video or image banner post that you use to drive traffic. 

I can’t stress this enough how important the story is in marketing. It helps users connect to you and believe in your product. Most people don’t buy, not because they don’t believe in your product, but because they don’t believe in themselves. To make them believe that your product can change their lives, you need to share the story of why you crafted your product, and whose life has already been changed by your product.

And finally the offer. This is one of the, if not, the most important part of the whole equation in marketing. If you have a really irresistible offer, your conversion rate will just skyrocket. We are going to get into the details of offer creation in the next chapter.

Crafting Irresistible offer

An offer is so crucial because it allows you to charge the most, sell the most and stand out from your competition. However, an irresistible offer doesn’t always mean a high price, though you can use the same strategy to sell ultra-high price service as well as low ticket items or even free stuff you wanna offer to your potential customers.

Here are eight traits of an irresistible offer that converts your visitors into buyers. If you look at all the successful products or services, they are positioned as an offer, and you’ll find they have a number of traits that I am going to share with you below.

8 Traits of An Irresistible Offer:

  1. Highly Desirable
  2. Low Risk or No Risk
  3. Easy To Understand
  4. Easy To Get
  5. Bonuses
  6. Believable & Credible
  7. Urgency
  8. Price Of Inaction
1. Highly Desirable

Imagine you are suffering from back pain. You go to a doctor and describe you have back pain. Now the doctor describes your problems in a better way than you could have by yourself. Now you subconsciously immediately start to believe the doctor’s advice, right?

Why? Because he described your problem better than you could have. The same holds true for making your product highly desirable. You need to describe your customer’s problems better than they could. 

Your sales script and copy matter a lot here. Usually, we either buy something to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. To avoid pain, meaning that there’s a problem that we have or multiple problems that we have, how is your product or service going to solve this problem?

If there is not a huge demand for what you in the marketplace, you might need to educate people on WHY & HOW your product can transform their lives.

2. Low Risk or No Risk

You see, if you’re selling information products like courses, seminars, and events, etc for a high price, most people are going to hesitate to take action because they haven’t yet experienced your product to believe that would work for them. In order to eliminate that objection in their mind, you must take all the risk on your shoulder by giving them a money-back guarantee.

And if your product is good enough, they’ll never ask for a money back. I know some of the bad people are gonna misuse this, but it will just skyrocket your conversion rate. Most people don’t take action not because they don’t trust you, but because they don’t trust themselves. And you can’t earn their trust until they experience your products. So make your offer seem completely risk-free.

3. Easy To Understand

You must use the language your dream customers use and be able to describe their problems better than they could. This is not possible if you don’t know who your customer is. Knowing your customer is really the foundation. You don’t want to make your offer so complicated that people can’t picture the result they’re gonna get using your products. It must be easy to understand what it is and what they’ll get from it.

4. Easy To Get

It has to be easy to get because if you have all those things, but it takes many, many steps or very hard for the customers to say yes, or to buy or to take action. Now you have a sales prevention vehicle there. That doesn’t work and that’s not irresistible. Let me put it this way…Just adding one more step to get your product lowers your conversion rate by ten to thirty percent.

Imagine I’m ready to buy. But now I have to fill out a 10-page thing and go through multiple steps to make the purchase. That really resist people to take action. So ask for as little information as required to make the purchase and make it easy to get.

5. Bonuses

Why Bonuses?

  • When done right, bonuses will increase the number of people who purchase your product or service.
  • Bonuses remove people’s excuse for not buying.
  • Bonuses help customers get the results faster and easier.
  • It makes your offer unique and irresistible.

Note: If you’re selling a business training program, you don’t want to give gym supplements as a bonus. Your BONUS must help your customers get the SINGLE result FASTER, and EASIER. 

As a business coach or course creator, here are some sort of bonuses you can offer your customers:

Private Facebook Group

After they have attended your training, to make sure they don’t go back to their normal life not implementing anything they learn from you, you can offer them to join a private Facebook group where they can interact with like-minded people and ask questions to you and fellow members. When they see success stories in the group, that will push them to take action and directly influence their belief system that they can achieve things too.

30 Day Challenge Workbook

After learning a bunch of things, some people get overwhelmed. They get confused about where to start. If you can offer them a workbook where they can see what they need to do from day 1 to day 30, or whatever long do you think it will take them to implement, they are most likely to enroll in your program.

Mini Course

You can offer them a mini-course where they can learn something that will help them get the result faster. For example: if you are selling a business growth program, you can make a mini-course to teach people how to become good public speakers. Or whatever that will help your customers get SINGULAR the results faster.

PDF, Ebook, Templates etc

There are a bunch of things you can offer as bonuses. just make sure that helps your customers implement and get the SINGLE RESULT faster.

6. Believable & Credible

So sometimes when you’re making an irresistible offer the consumers think oh it sounds too good to be true. So whenever you’re making an irresistible offer, give them a reason why you’re giving them such a good deal. Why are you giving them such a compelling offer?

It may be because it’s a new product, or maybe because you’re trying to get some testimonials or just for a limited-time offer. That’s why you give them a discount, or maybe because you want to build trust. Whatever the reason is, just tell them so now they know okay, this is why you’re giving me a good deal. This is why this is so compelling.

7. Urgency

Now you just need to give them a reason why they need to buy right NOW because people procrastinate. If you don’t give them a reason why they need to buy right now, they won’t buy because people don’t like risk. People don’t like to make decisions. Most people are not action takers. They delay again and again and again.

Now it could be a limited-time offer, meaning this offer is only available during this time. That’s a good reason. Or it can be limited quantity. If that’s true, you only have so many of these units available for purchase, tell them that or maybe it’s a limited time bonus, that in order to get the bonuses you have to buy within this period of time, or maybe it’s a limited time discount in order to get this special price, they need to take action before this deadline.

Or maybe it’s only the first certain number of people will get this, afterward, then people won’t get that bonus anymore. There are so many ways you could do this. But the bottom line is if you don’t give them a reason to act now, they won’t act.

8. Price Of Inaction

How much would it cost them to not take action today? When you write your landing page copy, you need to think about the price of inaction.

  • Will they keep losing money in their business?
  • Will they continue to struggle in their life?
  • Will they keep losing customers?
  • Will they experience the worst feeling of not being able to support their family?
  • Will that cost them the opportunity?
  • How would they feel if they remain the same next year as they are today?

Ask yourself the question, what would happen if the prospect doesn’t take action today, and make sure you mention them in your copy. This works amazingly well because some people are motivated more by fear of losing than the pleasure of achieving.

An irresistible offer does three important things.:

  • Instantly compels your prospect/clients to act by presenting a solution for their problem.
  • Explain what your prospects/clients will “LOSE” or “MISS OUT ON” by listing the key benefits your product delivers.
  • “FORCES” your prospects or clients to say “YES, I WANT IT NOW” by creating a sense of urgency.

Existing Demand Vs Created Demand

There are two kinds of demand. Created demand and Existing demand. And they two required completely different marketing strategy. People who don’t understand this usually struggle to make sales. Let me give you an example.

Let’s assume you come up with a new tea brand. In order to market that, all you have to do is so your ad to people who take tea everyday, and show them why your tea brand is the best. Because there are existing demand of tea. 

On the other hand, you come up with a training program. You know, people are not waking up asking where is the training program, I need to join now just like tea. So in this case, there is no demand for your product. So your marketing strategy will be of education based marketing.

Meaning, you need to educate people, and position yourself as an expert in the same time by publishing value driven content everyday. I can’t stress the important publishing enough. You can’t show me an expert that doesn’t publish content.

Benefits of publishing
  • You improve your voice
  • Position yourself and and celebrity authority
  • You’ll be able to charge more
  • Attract potential investment and dealflows
  • Attract joint ventures
  • When you have an audience, you can market them for free
  • Your conversion rate for paid advertising dramatically improves
  • And many more

Filling the blackbox

You know what a black box is in a flight? All flight information is recorded into the black box with a specific algorithm. This makes the recorded flight data accessible to authorities when needed, right?

You’re asking how relevant black box to this conversation? I am glad you asked. Well, the end goal of all our marketing effort is to fill the black box. We need to collect the data of as many people as possible who once showed interest in our product. The data comes with multiple variations like:- Emil list, existing customer data, Facebook pixel data, website visitor data, youtube subscribers, Facebook followers and so on.

When you have your black box filled with a huge amount of data, you can literally make hundreds of thousands of dollars without spending huge money on marketing. For instance, your black box is filled with 100,000 people’s data and you come up with a $1,000 dollar product offer. If you collected the data the right way, you will minimum have 0.1 percent conversion rate. That will be 100 sales equals $100,000 dollars of revenue without spending a dime on marketing.

Of course in order to scale your revenue, you need paid advertising. But we need to reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

Search vs Interruption marketing

The entire internet marketing strategy can be divided into two categories. Search marketing and Interruption marketing.

Search marketing is the activities we do to appear in from of our dream customers when they search for something. SEO, content publishing, website. blogs and google search ads are examples of search marketing.

Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads are examples of Interruption marketing. We are basically interrupting our dream customers when they are doing entertainment or getting information on the internet.

Now you ask me which one is the best? well, you need both. You must go for interruption marketing first because when people are looking for a solution to their problem, it’s already too late. I mean, what do you look for when you purchase from amazon? best reviewed products at a cheap price, right?

When they finally search for something, they will most likely search for the cheapest products. You need to show your ads and educate them way before they search for the solution by themselves. You get them to your universe and sell them your solution.

But still, for positioning purposes, you need to work on search marketing. So that even if they can’t afford your product, your appearance will position you as an authority in the mind, and they probably do business with you in future.

High ticket offers

I don’t know what you are selling, but nowadays it costs money to acquire a customer. One of the most valuable lessons I learnt from my last business failure is that “being the cheapest service provider in the market is not a sustainable advantage.”  Because it’s very easy for someone else to provide cheaper price service, and all your advantage is gone. I believe you should charge more for your product or services.

I know you might be thinking what if some of my customers leave? well, that’s a marketing problem, not a pricing issue. You don’t eat food when you are thirsty, probably drink water, right? You are worried about that because you don’t have enough leads waiting for you to do business with you. And to generate leads you need marketing. I know some of the customers will leave, but they will be replaced by better customers.

When you are charging very little, you can’t afford to run ads, you can’t hire best employees, you can’t get your clients the result you promised. When people pay little amount, they pay little or no attention to get result.

And most important of all, nobody will believe that your product is best if its price is cheap. So it heps in positioning as well. Anybody who can’t afford to buy your program, you can ask them to join your lower level program. Once they get some results, they can upgrade.

Dominating the market

I have been learning from some of the most successful entrepreneurs for the last 4 years, and what I have found is “WHOEVER SPENDS THE MOST TO ACQUIRE A CUSTOMER, WINS”. If your competitors are spending 10 dollars for customer acquisition, you spend 20, 30, 40 or even 100 dollars to acquire a customer. If they are running ads only on Facebook, you run ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin and any other popular platform.

But it requires capital to scale a business this way. So selling high price products is essential. You can’t afford to dominate otherwise.